Drummer Paul Bostaph Says Kerry King’s New Project Won’t Be “Baby Slayer”

Drummer Paul Bostaph Says Kerry King’s New Project Won’t Be “Baby Slayer”

Kerry King’s post-Slayer project already has two albums worth of music, and drummer Paul Bostaph who performed with him for 15 years, is currently working with him. Speaking to the Rigg Crew YouTube channel, Bostaph would give an insight into what fans can expect.

It’s not gonna be some rehashed stuff, it’s gonna sound like Slayer without it being Slayer, but not intentionally so.

I mean, Kerry’s been writing songs in Slayer his entire career, and he has a style. And that style, as a songwriter, you just don’t change your style because your band is done. But that’s what you love to write. Are things gonna maybe morph over time? Yeah, I would imagine so.

Songwriters do change over time based on their influences and how they feel at the time.

Kerry’s on fire right now. So, all I can say is if you like heavy music and you like Slayer, you’ll like this. Is it gonna be Slayer? It’s not gonna be Slayer. Slayer is done, they retired. The thing about it is that we don’t wanna sound like baby Slayer. You know what I mean There is Slayer. But it’s gonna be good, it’s gonna be really good. I’ve been listening to the music, and I just cannot wait to get into the room and start jamming with Kerry.

I’m looking forward to trying some things that I’ve wanted to try within Slayer but couldn’t, just because I didn’t have it developed well enough. And we’ll see if I can make some of that stick in some of the new music.Paul Bostaph

Not much more is known about King’s new project, and apparently, he doesn’t even know everyone he’ll be working with on it yet. The fact though it won’t sound just like Slayer will likely frustrate many fans; however, the fact it’s coming from King who has such a great track record, it’s unlikely to disappoint.

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