Downstait Release New Entrance Song For Nic Nemeth

Downstait Release New Entrance Song For Nic Nemeth

Downstait, the Indiana-based band known for composing the theme music for Cody Rhodes (“Kingdom”) as well as several other wrestling stars, had been teasing their new song for Nic Nemeth, “Wanted Man.” The track officially dropped last week. 

“IT’S HERE!!” the band wrote on social media. “The HOT NEW entrance theme of @ThisIsTNA’s  @NicTNemeth !! Listen to it wherever you get your music!!! #WantedMan”

Nemeth, previously known to WWE fans as Dolph Ziggler, had also used Downstait for his entrance music previously. That track, titled “Here to Show the World,” was released in 2013.

“Wanted Man” is much more 80s rock-influenced than Downstait’s previous efforts. It sounds a little reminiscent of the RATT song of the same name, but also takes cues from Motley Crue and a host of other hair rockers and wouldn’t sound out of place in an ’80s action movie. 

Nemeth told Fightful recently of his move to TNA: “So first and foremost, I’ve been planning the last couple of years for a while, watching different things. I famously don’t watch wrestling because I was so down on [wrestling]. I didn’t like what was happening or what I was doing. I was just so down on it. I’m thinking, I haven’t been to Japan, I have not gone to another company, and I’m thinking of all these different things, and I go man, TNA, they’re on the verge of a rebrand. They’re doing this big, starting over at this pay-per-view in a month or two.”

He continued: “When people are going out of their way to text me or call me and, say, listen, this is the place where you can help a bunch of people here all while being the person with a lot of focus on them, and you can bring some eyes to this show and there’s all these different little pieces.”

The full track can be heard below. 

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