Devon Nicholson Comments After Claims He Assaulted Referee Following Match

Devon Nicholson Comments After Claims He Assaulted Referee Following Match

Devon Nicholson’s reputation is currently in tatters after the indie wrestler turned YouTuber hospitalized Lando Deltoro this past weekend. He would repeatedly stab the referee, severing an artery in the process and leaving him with a $10,000 medical bill for which a GoFundMe has been launched. Since this was reported, he has stayed silent on the matter, even posting new YouTube content like it never happened. Finally, however, he has commented, following TMZ picking up the story and sending it in outside of the pro wrestling bubble.

He would first dispute that TMZ’s claims they tried to contact him and added that the referee was hired solely to bleed. He then explained that he found it hard to see due to the mask he was wearing, the spike he used was a prop given to him by the promoter, and that he thought he was protecting Deltoro with his hand. He then blamed him for not making him aware he was hurting him at the time and that he spoke to him afterward and was told they were cool. He’d then say the promotion should have insurance, seemingly to cover the medical bills, and their props should be safe. You can watch this for yourself below.

Right now, this is a very confusing situation, with Nicholson basically saying that any injuries were unintended. That thought doesn’t add up with eye witnesses’ descriptions and what the police were told. Although given that it is pro wrestling where the line between reality and fiction is blurred, it’s hard to believe any legal proceedings will occur.

The fact that Nicholson would actually get involved with blood in matches is somewhat surprising in itself as he famously caught Hepatitis C from Abdullah The Butcher. So naturally, WWE passed on signing him, and Nicholson would sue Abdullah. The up-and-coming indie wrestler would thankfully end up cured but was still awarded $2.3 million by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, although it isn’t known how much he received as Abdullah reportedly put the bulk of his assets in his wife’s name.