Chino Moreno Says Nu-Metal Was Stupid But Fans Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed For Liking It

Chino Moreno Says Nu-Metal Was Stupid But Fans Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed For Liking It

Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno is currently doing the media rounds to promote their ninth album “Ohms.” During an interview with was asked about people looking down on nu-metal, a subgenre of metal that Deftones have in the past been tagged with.

I think they probably always did look down. They always felt guilty about listening to certain things. I don’t think it’s us so much but definitely Limp Bizkit and shit like that. I think motherfuckers were embarrassed for that shit back then, too. You can’t deny it. It’s fucking stupidly good, some of it, but they knew back then that it was stupid. I mean, listen to the words. It’s stupid. So it’s not like in retrospect they’re like, “I can’t believe I listened to that.” It’s like, “No, when you listened to it then, you knew it was dumb, but you liked it.” And that’s okay. No one should be embarrassed by shit they like that’s dumb. Just like what you like. Who cares? Don’t try to be holier than thou. If you liked it then, don’t be embarrassed, because it wasn’t any smarter back then. It’s the same music it was 20 years ago. And you know what? It’s catchy. I get it. There’s nothing wrong with that.Chris Moreno

Nu metal was the big thing in the late 1990s, and whether Deftones should be labeled with the name is a hot-button issue with their fans. Korn and generally considered the first band to bring hip hop, grunge, and alternative metal together, creating nu-metal in the process. Limp Bizkit took it mainstream, and their third studio album “Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water,” sold 400,000 on its first day of release and became the largest first-week sales for a rock album in the United States. When you consider how many people now mock Limp Bizkit, that is quite a remarkable achievement, and given how physical media sales are in decline, will likely never be beaten.

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