Deftones Drummer Abe Cunningham Comments On Unreleased “Eros” Album

Deftones Drummer Abe Cunningham Comments On Unreleased “Eros” Album

In an interview with Download TV, Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham was asked about their unreleased album “Eros,” which fans have waited for since 2008 but seemed set never to be related following the death of bassist and backing vocalist Chi Cheng. Chenge was in a terrible car accident in 2008 and remained in a coma until 2010. He would later pass away in 2013.

It was never completed, and that’s what people don’t get like “what, you’re just sitting on it?” and I mean no, we’re not just sitting on it, we never finished it. And then he got in his accident, and that’s kinda where it just stopped. And quite frankly it’s not that good. There’s some songs that are really good. But I gotta be honest, it was like you know, we were just trying to get back to it and see what we can come up with then… and it’s not that it’s not good, it’s just… there’s a lot attached to it as well, you know? And I understand that people are passionate about that, and they want to hear Chi’s last musical contribution. Abe Cunningham

Deftones are considering releasing a brand new studio album later this year, with a September release date possible, but with their next tour canceled due to COVID-19, the band doesn’t know if it makes sense without a tour to support its release.

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