D-Von Dudley Set To Undergo Surgery

D-Von Dudley Set To Undergo Surgery

Legendary tag team wrestler D-Von Dudley currently works for WWE as a producer, having retired from the ring in 2016. However, he is set to miss some time from his current role due to requiring back surgery stemming from his long wrestling career. He’d reveal this during the Table Talk podcast that he co-hosts and would be sure to put over his employer for the health insurance they provided him.

I saw three different surgeons. The third one, WWE, was comfortable with it. I go on December 8 for a minor procedure. I go for the consultation on December 8, and he’ll give me the date on when it’ll happen. They’ll go in with a thin needle, get the disc, fuse it, move it back to where it needs to be, put the bolt and screw in and I’m good to go. They said about two to three weeks tops.

I’ve been dealing with this since about 2010. A lot of us deal with this pain with our backs, and sometimes it gets to the point where you can’t take it anymore, and you have to do something about it. There are other guys where their backs are messed up, and they don’t have the insurance or money to take care of it. WWE provides great health insurance, so I’m able to go see a doctor, a couple of doctors and have the insurance because I can only imagine what that surgery would cost.

D-Von Dudley

Hopefully, this will be 49-year-old D-Von’s final surgery for the foreseeable future as it was just two years he ago he had to be operated on after suffering a stroke. Thankfully, though,  it appears he didn’t suffer any ongoing severe effects, and with his upcoming surgery, he will be able to resume a good quality of life.  Mobility is an issue for most wrestlers in later life, and with two daughters under the age of four to send time, it is great he can get his back fixed.

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