Confirmation Of Why Gigi Dolin Has Absent From NXT Television

Confirmation Of Why Gigi Dolin Has Absent From NXT Television

Gigi Dolin’s NXT storyline with Ariana Grace was recently abruptly dropped, which surprised fans as their odd-couple comedy segments were some of the show’s highlights. Therefore, there has been some speculation regarding Dolin’s long-term future with the company, with there being no known reason for why she has been absent from TV. However, it has now been reported by Fightful Select that the 27-year-old is dealing with a knee injury, which, based on the wording, is worse than WWE initially thought.

“The reason has been was confirmed by Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp and Corey Brennan as being a serious knee injury. She was recently seen with a knee brace, leading to some speculation … Dolin had not been backstage at several tapings for a while, and had filmed the majority of her sketches with Arianna Grace outside of the WWE Performance Center. We were told at the time this was used as an avenue to keep her on TV while injured.”

Fightful Select

Due to being previously married to Darby Allin, most fans thought it was only a matter of time before Dolin, real name Priscilla Kelly, became officially All Elite during the promotion’s early days. Yet despite making a couple of appearances for the promotion, it turns out that she wasn’t interested in signing with Tony Khan at the time because she did not want to be seen as riding Allin’s coattails. And while this was obviously very risky, it would end up paying off when she signed with WWE in 2021.