Confirmation Of Ethan Page’s WWE Contract Status Following His NXT Debut (w/Video)

Confirmation Of Ethan Page’s WWE Contract Status Following His NXT Debut (w/Video)

At the beginning of May, wrestling fans noticed that Ethan Page was no longer listed on AEW or ROH’s roster pages, leading to speculation that he could be done with Tony Khan’s promotions. Subsequently, this would be confirmed, and fans would be left wondering what Page’s next career move would be. And now that has been revealed, with Page having made his NXT debut on Tuesday night by attacking NXT Champion Trick Williams, with Fightful Select having since confirmed he signed over the past week, having made a secretive visit to the performance center.

“WWE sources have claimed to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp and Corey Brennan that Ethan Page has signed with WWE. Ethan Page was not seen backstage throughout the day and was not present for the rehearsals … We’re told that Page’s deal was finalized over the last week and had a secretive WWE Performance Center visit over the last week.”

Fightful Select

34-year-old Page made his name in Impact Wrestling, where he memorably teamed with Josh Alexander as The North. However, after he was “killed” by his alter-ego, The Karate Man, in a cinematic match, he would depart the company. From there, he would join AEW in 2021, debuting as a mystery entrant in the Face of the Revolution ladder match. Yet, despite an initial push, his prominence in AEW waned, leading him to join their sister ROH brand in 2023.