Confirmation Former NXT Tag Champion Has Retired From The Ring

Confirmation Former NXT Tag Champion Has Retired From The Ring

Earlier this week, Monsters In The Morning attended the WWE Performance Center and interviewed several NXT talents. Additionally, they would speak with Matt Bloom, who is the head trainer, and he would reveal that Chris Girard, better known to wrestling fans as Oney Lorcan, who recently joined his team as a coach, is retired. It should be noted that Lorcan did previously say on social media that 2022 may have been his final year in the ring; however, this seemingly confirms it.

My position now as a head coach, I oversee my coaches. I have an amazing staff. So, I gotta give props to those guys. Terry Taylor, Fit Finlay, Robbie Brookside, Norman Smiley, Steve Corino, Alexander Winkler, Oney Lorcan Chris Girard, who just recently retired from being in the ring, Johnny Moss, and we have a few UK coaches that are on the cusp of being full-time coaches for us as well.

Matt Bloom

Lorcan began wrestling in 2008 and would receive training at the Chaotic Training Center before spending time at Lance Storm’s school and then Sho Funaki’s. His big break would come in 2012 when he started performing for CZW, which saw him hold the promotion’s top title. Subsequently, having built up a following on the indie scene, he would sign with WWE in 2015, and his most notable run came alongside Danny Burch. However, he was unfortunately deemed surplus to requirements in 2021 and released as part of budget cuts.