Cody Rhodes Comments On His Current Retirement Plans

Cody Rhodes Comments On His Current Retirement Plans

Cody Rhodes teased retirement at the conclusion of Dynamite this week after Malakai Black convincingly defeated him. It was done strictly in the storyline to allow the AEW star time off to film the second season of TBS’ Go-Big Show, where he is a judge. However, it has prompted fans to wonder when the promotions Executive Vice President will genuinely step away from the ring. Now speaking to Inside the Ropes, he has explained that while he initially was considering retiring in four years when he turns 40, the birth of his daughter Liberty Iris means he may compete for longer so she can see him wrestle.

I hope I change my mind, too, because my daughter will be four years old by the time I retire, basically, and I don’t know if that’s good enough. I need her to . . . Like, eight years old, I could have a good match, and then I think she could be good with it. But it all depends on if my back holds up.

Cody Rhodes

Over the years, many wrestlers have spoken about their plans of retiring, with 40 being a popular age to aim towards. However, few actually do due to not having opportunities to make money away from the ring. That, though, wouldn’t be the case for Rhodes, as he has a pivotal role in AEW’s management team. Additionally, he has acting experience and is becoming a mainstream television personality due to “Go-Big Show “and the upcoming “Rhodes to the Top” reality show. Although considering his love of the business, it remains to be seen if he can actually follow through.