CM Punk Comments On Internet Trolls

CM Punk Comments On Internet Trolls

To some, CM Punk is a divisive character, resulting in him receiving a lot of abuse on social media. Some trolls even consider it a badge of honor to get blocked by the AEW star. However, now during an interview with Abe Kanan of Rock 95.5 in Chicago, he has revealed he doesn’t care about what “faceless people on the internet” say about him and advises his fellow wrestlers to find inner peace.

You cannot be beholden to what nameless, faceless people on the internet say about you. It doesn’t matter. You have to find inner peace and be happy with what you’re doing. I 100% am that guy. I’m stoked to be where I am. I got a lot of cool projects coming up aside from AEW, and I get to go home to a very beautiful, smart, talented woman and my dog Larry every night. So it can’t be beat. Like Johnny256969 on Twitter, trust me, you could say whatever you want about me, dude. I sucked in UFC? That’s cool, I get that video game money. So I am OK.

CM Punk

As stated by Punk, one of the go-to topics for trolls is his UFC performance. After quitting WWE, he would pursue a career in MMA, and despite having some of the best training money could buy, he looked incredibly out of his depth during his fights. He would later acknowledge he was too old to begin fighting professionally. Nevertheless, he did reportedly earn 20x the pay of his opponents despite losing, so ultimately, you could say he still came out as a winner.