Chris Jericho Gets “Hot For Teacher” & More With Steel Panther (w/Videos)

Chris Jericho Gets “Hot For Teacher” & More With Steel Panther (w/Videos)

Last month, Steel Panther vocalist Michael Starr told the story of how he came to end up with two hernias. Allegedly one of them came during an interaction with AEW star and FOZZY frontman Chris Jericho

“I got the (first) hernia wresting Chris when we were on tour together in France,” Starr said. “He body slammed me and tore my groin, and I instantly got a hernia. Then I was fighting our guitar player on stage, he knocked one of my veneers out of my mouth. And when I went to punch him, I tore the other side. So when the pandemic hit, I finally got the surgery done. Now I can do sit-ups and I can punch people. And the next time I see Chris, I’m gonna body slam him.”

Starr did see Jericho this past weekend, and while there weren’t any body slams, there was plenty of rocking as the duo teamed up during Steel Panther’s Tampa show to sing “Hot For Teacher.” Jericho also sang with the band on the Steel Panther classic, “Gloryh*le.” 

Drummer Stix Zadinia previously said of the FOZZY frontman: “Jericho is a F*cking rock star and one of the coolest motherf*ckers in this business.”

Steel Panther’s latest record, “On The Prowl,” arrived on Feb. 24. The album is 13 slabs of hilarious hard rock that keeps the Steel Panther party the place to be. 

The album also marks the first with new bassist Spyder. 

“We searched high and low, and it’s so funny, cause we did that big search and right in our own backyard Spyder is just sitting there on the web waiting for us,” Starr said. 

Steel Panther are currently on the road in America. FOZZY hits the road again in America starting on March 23.

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