Children of the Corn Finally Being Shucked Into Theaters

Children of the Corn Finally Being Shucked Into Theaters

If you’ve been following the trail of the most recent Children of the Corn film – a reimagining of the 1984 Stephen King adaptation that’s been popping corn for far too long – then you know how labyrinthine its release has been. Directed and written by Ken Wimmer (Ultraviolet), the 11th installment of the franchise finds fans treading similar territory as the original, in which a small, isolated town in Nebraska fall to the hands of its children after an entity known as “He Who Walks Behind the Rows” commands them to murder all its adults in order for the harvest to be bountiful. This time around, the entity possesses the body of a 12 year-old girl (Kate Moyer), who after wrangling the town’s children into a murderous frenzy, must battle it out with a high schooler (Elena Kampouris) who sees through all the bloodshed.

It was reported back in June of 2020 by Variety that filming had completed amidst the outbreak of the coronavirus, which as most everyone knows, halted dozens of projects in place of enacting strict health protocols to ensure the necessary safety of everyone on set. Despite these odds, with principle filming taking place in New South Wales, Australia – which saw drastically lower coronavirus cases – Children of the Corn became one of the few films to not only shoot during the pandemic, but to completely wrap up. So why, might you ask, has it taken almost 3 years for the finished film to see the light of day?

While it’s not entirely clear, making only a very brief theatrical appearance on October 23, 2020 at two theaters in Sarasota, Florida, it more than likely met a distribution dead-end as the world was grappling with how to navigate the theater experience during a deadly pandemic. Alas, those who have been anticipating this new re-imagining need not wait anymore, as RLJE Films and Shudder have secured distribution rights and will be releasing it into theaters for an 18-day run beginning March 3rd, with a Shudder release following suit on March 21st.