Bully Ray Reveals How Jack Perry Disrespected Him

Bully Ray Reveals How Jack Perry Disrespected Him

Jack Perry is again making headlines after CM Punk gave his side of the story regarding the backstage altercation with him at All In during a discussion with Ariel Helwani. And now, while debating the controversial interview during today’s episode of Busted Open, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray revealed that Perry disrespected him when they were both booked for the same autograph signing in the UK.

“This is not a Punk problem. This is a Jack Perry problem. This is a snot-nosed kid problem. This is a punk-ass kid problem. And I believe every single last word that Punk is saying about Jack Perry. Because I had my own incident with Jack Perry in England a year ago. And there wasn’t really an incident because if there was an incident, Jack Perry wouldn’t be around anymore.

Jack Perry came off to me like a very disrespectful young wrestler, especially when I went out of my way to introduce myself to him and extend my hand with a smile on my face. I was treated like a young boy by Jack Perry, blown off.”

Bully Ray

26-year-old Perry is the son of deceased “Beverly Hills, 90210” actor Luke Perry, and first broke into the business in 2015 via the independent circuit. From there, he would go on to form the popular tag team “A Boy and His Dinosaur” with fellow indie wrestler Luchasaurus. Together, the duo would go on to catch the attention of Khan, who needed to fill his newly launched AEW promotion with talented but largely unknown wrestlers, resulting in both being signed. However, since his infamous dispute with Punk, he has been absent from AEW television, having been loaned to New Japan instead.