Bret Hart Says Vince McMahon Killed Tag Team Wrestling

Bret Hart Says Vince McMahon Killed Tag Team Wrestling

Bret Hart made his name as part of the Hart Foundation tag team with Jim Neidhart and during a recent edition of Bret Hart’s Confessions Of The Hitman video series, he was looking back at WWE’s tag team scene when he first joined the company. Hart put over The British Bulldogs for raising the bar and the Fabulous Rougeaus as a team capable of five-star matches. He’d then reflect on the current tag scene in WWE and suggest Vince McMahon is no longer a fan of tag team wrestling, and he is responsible for killing that part of the business.

It’s sad if you look at tag team wrestling today, where it has gone because they let it die out a little. But it always had its own history and its own style. A tag team wrestling match is so much different than any match on the card. It’s a completely different kind of strategy to the match and building it up. And the matchups – there are four guys in the ring, and you team up Andre and Haku, as an example, against me and Jim The Anvil. It’s like, people go, “what’s going to happen in this?” Me and Jim working over Andre can happen. Two guys on one. It was just fun to play up the psychology of how would The Hart Foundation fare against that team or The Rougeaus? They tag in and out all the time, and they have a certain style.

I think it’s my understanding that Vince McMahon got sick of tag team wrestling and is no longer a fan of it, and that’s so sad that he kind of singlehandedly killed a part of the wrestling business that was so important.Bret Hart

It is hard to disagree with Hart when you consider McMahon had Braun Strowman win the Raw Tag Team Championships with a 10-year old boy. This booking decision was a big part of why FTR decided to request their WWE release, believing the division had been devalued and not taken seriously within WWE. Thankfully for fans of tag team wrestling, the division is still alive and well in other companies. With AEW recently showcasing the division at their Full Gear pay-per-view with a match of the year contender between FTR and The Young Bucks.