Braun Strowman Says He Won’t Ever Wrestle For Anyone But WWE

Braun Strowman Says He Won’t Ever Wrestle For Anyone But WWE

Braun Strowman signed with WWE in 2013 even though he had no wrestling experience and was fast-tracked on to Raw with less than ten matches to his name. WWE pushed him due to his size and presence, and he was main eventing in 2017. While on the outside, it appeared his career couldn’t be going better, internally he had to deal with mental health issues, and Vince McMahon had what he likens to a father-son talk with him.

Now speaking to Lilian Garcia during the season premiere episode of Chasing Glory on the WWE Network, Strowman shared the news he has no intention of every wrestling anywhere but for WWE.

The day I take my wrestling boots off for WWE is the day I stop wrestling. I will not wrestle for anyone else. I’ve been given an opportunity from Vince McMahon and from WWE at life that I would have never gotten. I told him a long time ago, the day I take my boots off from you, I’m done, and I mean that.Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman still has three years remaining on his WWE contract, and with a reported $1.2 million per year downside, it’s unlikely he’ll financially need to wrestle anywhere else. That said, it probably isn’t great for future contract negotiations to reveal that you’ve no intention of wrestling elsewhere.

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