Brandi Rhodes To Miss Chris Jericho Cruise

Luke Waskowski
Brandi Rhodes To Miss Chris Jericho Cruise

Brandi Rhodes recently shared on her Twitter account some unfortunate news regarding her passport being stolen. The news means that she will be unable to attend Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea.

While a passport is not required for a cruise that begins and ends at the same port. Brandi was scheduled to leave the cruise early to deliver a keynote address at the National Association of Television Program Executives. The address is entitled “Building a Challenger Brand from the Ground Up: The Rise of AEW” and is being hosted by herself and Tony Schiavone this Wednesday. This important commitment means she was always scheduled to miss Dynamite.

There’s has been no information given regarding how the theft of her passport occurred, but hopefully, the culprit is caught.

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