Brad Maddox Opens Up About His Skin Flick Addiction

Brad Maddox Opens Up About His Skin Flick Addiction

Brad Maddox appeared to have everything going for him when he was Raw’s General manager between 2013 and 2014. However, after falling down the card and calling fans “cocky pricks” during a dark match in 2015, he would end up being released. Since then, he has remained out of the spotlight and become a “whatever happened to” topic. Now though, he has begun speaking about his WWE past during an interview with his former trainer Rip Rogers and revealed that during his run, he was dealing with an X-rated film compulsion that became a sex addiction.

I was one of those stories where they just kind of lost their way. I got caught up in some things. Now, I’m sure you know the news. It’s fairly old at this point, right? Yeah, some stuff leaks, but it was kind of that time period. So, I had a p*rn addiction. Then that cascaded into a sex addiction, and that was a whole thing for me. That was just very mind-consuming. So I wasn’t very focused, right at the time when I should have been. And then I’m going up there as a referee, and I’m having to carry a walkie-talkie around, and my ego was just too big. I didn’t fully take advantage of the opportunities.

Brad Maddox

The full interview is available via Rip Rogers’ YouTube Channel @WrestlingwithRipRogers, and you can listen to this specific topic covered below.