Billy Corgan Responds To Claim The NWA Is Financially Struggling

Billy Corgan Responds To Claim The NWA Is Financially Struggling

Recently, it was reported by that Billy Corgan’s NWA promotion was having to slash production costs and make roster cuts due to financial difficulties. This is despite a rumored television deal for their flagship show, NWA Powerr, being expected. However, the Smashing Pumpkins frontman has now refuted this claim during a conversation with, noting that he is currently experiencing great personal monetary success due to the band’s tours.

“Financial health is fine. I’m 100 percent owner, still. No investors. So I answer to no one on expenditures except myself. For those who have noticed, this has been an incredibly successful period in my musical life; including a massive summer tour in 2023 and two more tours on the books for 2024 with an arena and festival summer run in Europe flowing into stadium tour with Green Day.

So if I needed additional funding (I don’t currently) I can get it easily, because I also own all my songs as well as my recorded work (what they call ‘masters’) since 2001; and which one could get loans on against future earnings, etc. if needed.”

Corgan is known as a lifelong wrestling fan, and it’s understood he discussed purchasing a percentage of ECW during the promotion’s dying days for $1 million. Later, he would launch Resistance Pro Wrestling in 2011, but that never really took off. Instead, he began working for TNA in 2015 as a Senior Producer of Creative and Talent Development before becoming the promotion’s new president. That working relationship would end sourly when Corgan wasn’t repaid money owed speedily for helping to fund tapings. Therefore, Corgan used his resources to purchase the legendary NWA wrestling brand in 2017 and has since been trying to secure a paying television deal.