Band Lifts Exact Logo From Another Band With Same Name

Band Lifts Exact Logo From Another Band With Same Name

While it’s hard to have an original band name or even one that hasn’t been used at some point, most musicians try to be at least somewhat discerning when it comes to advertising their group. If they share a band name with another group, they will at least present it differently than the other band that’s out there sharing the moniker.

That is, of course, unless your the Canadian version of The Devil’s Rejects. The Norwegian band with the same name has pointed out that their Canadian counterparts not only have the same name, but they’ve literally lifted their exact logo. 

Hell On Earth Metalzine reported that Runar Pettersen, the vocalist of the Norwegian The Devil’s Rejects, reached out to the band to explain that he had created the logo, but they continued to use it anyway.

“After I discovered our logo on posters for events we weren’t playing at, I investigated further,” explained Runar. “Another band had stolen our logo. This band appears to have started in late 2021. From their very first Facebook post on November 4, 2021, they used the logo I designed. Not only do they use our logo frequently on posters and Facebook, but they even printed up large banners with our logo on. I sent a message to the band, explaining that I made this logo, but they didn’t respond.”

The band’s guitarist Aleksander added: “It’s pretty lazy and disrespectful how they have stamped our logo on banners and posters for live events. In most cases, they have stretched the logo’s aspect ratio completely out of proportion, which makes it look quite amateurish. I would have respected it more if they had ripped it off by drawing a similar-looking logo with their own spin, but this is just a plain lazy copy/paste. I can’t understand how any creating artist with respect for themselves would do such a thing. We also borrow titles from old horror movies, but these are at least tributes.”

Check out the full article with Facebook screenshots here

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