Bad Wolves Issue Statement Confirming Singer Tommy Vext Has Left The Band

Bad Wolves Issue Statement Confirming Singer Tommy Vext Has Left The Band

Bad Wolves became well known to music fans when they covered “Zombie” by The Cranberries. It made news because Dolores O’Riordan of the Irish rock band passed away the day she was scheduled to collaborate with them. The song would go to be #1 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart and was certified platinum in the US. It looked the band was going to become a huge success, but lead singer Thomas Cummings, who performs as Tommy Vext, has brought controversy due to his political beliefs, comments on Black Lives Matter, and claims from an ex-girlfriend that he had assaulted her, threatened to send people after her, and get her Instagram account deleted.

This weekend reports started spreading that Vext was no longer part of Bad Wolves after he apparently revealed this on Instagram. He would later delete the video, so it wasn’t sure what his status was. However, the Bad Wolves social Media accounts have now confirmed Vext is no longer part of the band.

Reports state that Vext claimed he was forced out of Bad Wolves by the other band members and their records agency in the now-deleted Instagram video. It’s said he also took credit for writing a significant part of the new Bad Wolves album and intends to start a solo career.

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