Backstage News On Kenny Omega’s AEW Contract

Backstage News On Kenny Omega’s AEW Contract

Kenny Omega is one of AEW’s biggest stars and an EVP, so the idea of him departing the promotion seems unimaginable. However, the same could have been said of Cody Rhodes, with everyone knowing how that worked out. And now the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that technically his original deal has expired; however, AEW has added on the time he was out injured, meaning he is with the company until potentially November 2023.

Omega’s AEW contract date was to have expired at the end of January as he had a four-year deal with no option clause to add time that started on February 1, 2019. His contract does allow AEW to extend it for the time he was out injured, which has happened. He was out nine months so that would be a maximum of November but the extended time frame hasn’t been finalized as far as how long.

Dave Meltzer via WON

WWE is expected to put a tempting offer in front of Omega when the time comes, and Cody Rhodes’ push might entice the AEW original. Although it should, though, be noted that Cody was a WWE-created talent returning home, while Omega would still likely be considered an outsider. That said, the same was thought of AJ Styles when he joined after making his name in TNA, and he went on to become one of the biggest stars in the company.