AEW’s Chris Jericho Acknowledges Becky Lynch’s Current Contract Status

AEW’s Chris Jericho Acknowledges Becky Lynch’s Current Contract Status

Due to the fact her WWE contract is about to expire, most fans expected Becky Lynch to lose to Liv Morgan in the main event of this week’s Raw, and that’s precisely what happened. Thus, her long-term future remains unclear, with the Irish superstar only having days remaining on her current deal, although has reported she is expected to take a break from the ring.

However, what could fuel speculation that she may eventually be AEW-bound is Chris Jericho’s acknowledgment of her status during an interview with TMZ. In this, he would specifically note that his boss, Tony Khan, “can play that game all day long” when it comes to spending big money on signings, citing Will Ospreay, Mercedes Mone, and Kazuchika Okada as examples of his spending power and negotiation skills.

“When Chris Jericho signed there, suddenly everybody’s getting these huge raises in WWE to not come to AEW. Tony Khan, our owner, owns the Jaguars. You know, they have a lot of money in the family, so he can play that game all day long. And that’s why we brought in Will Ospreay, and Mercedes Mone, and Kazuchika Okada.

You mention Becky Lynch, five years ago, Becky would have no other options. Not saying that she’s coming, but there is an option. And who knows what could happen? No one thought that Jericho would come to AEW. No one thought that Moxley would come. Or Bryan Danielson. Or Adam Cole. Or any of these guys that have come over. So it’s exciting for the fans. And it’s exciting for the wrestlers, the talent. Because now, suddenly if there’s a bidding war, that just benefits us.”

Chris Jericho

37-year-old Becky Lynch had been a part of WWE since 2013, with her lowkey NXT debut the following year marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. Subsequently, she would etch her name in the annals of WWE history, becoming a seven-time world champion and even being one of the first women to headline a WrestleMania. Therefore, with her WWE legacy assured, a move to AEW could be an enticing prospect for her, especially as a mother who may want to spend less time on the road.