AEW Star Would Like Tony Khan To Hire Scott D’Amore

AEW Star Would Like Tony Khan To Hire Scott D’Amore

Even wrestling fans who didn’t follow TNA were stunned when news broke that Scott D’Amore had been fired by Anthem Sports & Entertainment. At the time, no specific reason was confirmed regarding why their President had been let go. However, it was later suggested it was because D’Amore had been pushing management for a bigger budget to work with.

More recently, it has been reported that D’Amore has filed for the trademark “Maple Leaf Wrestling,” seemingly indicating his intention to bring the legendary Canadian promotion back. However, during an interview with Adrian Hernandez, AEW’s Will Ospreay has still pitched for Tony Khan to bring in the 49-year-old booker, suggesting he could run Ring of Honor for him.

“I can’t tell you enough how much respect I have for Scott D’Amore. If there was anything that I want to put out there; if there was a way that AEW could hire Scott D’Amore in any type of fashion. Have that guy run Ring of Honor or something. The passion that he had for TNA, and just how he completely single handily transformed that company.”

Will Ospreay

D’Amore broke into the business at the age of just 16 and, within a few years, was working for WWE and WCW as an enhancement talent. Subsequently, he would go on to join TNA in 2003 and soon became the onscreen coach of Team Canada. Yet, while he departed the promotion in 2010, he would return in 2017 as Vice President of International Relations and, from there, worked his way up the ladder, becoming President in 2023 and helping breathe new life into the brand.